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Criteria for membership in California Coast Chapter

Criteria for membership in the California Coast Chapter will include the following basic requirements common to all members. All members must:

1) Meet the quantitative requirements pertaining to age, company size, number of employees, etc., outlined by YPO International.

2) Become and remain a member of YPO International.

3) Demonstrate business practices and personal conduct indicative of a high level of personal integrity.

4) Provide the Chapter with distinctive competencies and experiences, which will be shared willingly and actively with other Chapter members.

5) At the time of joining, the member shall reside or have his or her principal place of business in Orange County.



Chapter Demographics
The vitality of the Chapter will come from the diversity of its membership. The Membership Chair assumes the responsibility of seeing that Chapter membership is balanced in terms of:

1) Company sizes
2) Industries
3) Public, private and divisions of larger companies
4) Manufacturers and service companies
5) Domestic, global and international companies

It is also preferable to have diversity in the criteria relating to the individuals as follows:

1) Ages

2) Functional areas of expertise (finance, marketing, merchandising, etc.)

3) Management: professionally trained, family business oriented and

4) founding individuals (started from scratch)

5) Education: formal and informal (hard knocks)

6) Visibility: individuals with a high profile in the community and those who are not well known

7) Involvement in non-business second interest(s)