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Welcome to the California Coast Chapter of YPO!

Welcome to the California Coast Chapter of YPO! As our members get together with other YPO'ers, we often share great food, fine wines, exclusive venues and world-class resources. But the true essence of YPO is not the food and drink, or even the extraordinary experiences we so often enjoy. Instead, the true essence of YPO is the deep and meaningful relationships we develop with each other. In essence, "Connecting" with each other.

A great deal has changed since YPO’s founding 60 years ago, but certain things have remained the same: the value of a peer network and trusted mentors, the importance of ongoing education, and the need for a "safe haven" where issues can be aired in an environment of confidentiality.

Over the past six decades, YPO has maintained its core commitment to these ideals while embracing change with each successive generation of young business leaders.

The California Coast Chapter of YPO was formed in March, 1981 by fifteen individuals from various other chapters in Southern California who recognized the need for another chapter in Orange County.

The Chapter is centered around the theme of “Better Presidents through Education and Idea Exchange.” To promote this concept, education programs are designed with a good balance among business, personal development, and current interest, including the use of YPO members wherever possible. At the center of this theme is the creation and nurturing of strong Forum Groups.

The Chapter mission includes a commitment to the enterprise of personal and family development. This commitment embraces our businesses, home, and community environment. We encourage the creation of warm and friendly relationships among Chapter members, and their families, to integrate the strength and traditions of YPO within and among our membership.

For more information on YPO, please check out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQS-4-yNuk


“You are responsible for your experience in YPO.”
  -Bill Booth, Chapter Chairman, 2010-2011