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California Coast Chapter of YPO

The California Coast Chapter was formed in March of 1981 by fifteen (15) YPOers from the Golden West, San Diego, San Gabriel Valley, and Southern California Chapters after they recognized the need for an additional YPO Chapter in Orange County.

The California Coast Chapter of YPO is made up of qualifying YPOers who reside in Orange County.

Philosophy & Guiding Principles
The following guidelines express the philosophy & guiding principles of the California Coast Chapter:
• The Chapter will be centered around the Presidents’ Forum, as it best exemplifies the original concepts of YPO.
• The Chapter meeting education programs will utilize YPO resources whenever possible and will have a content that is a balance among business, personal development and current interests.
• Members’ spouses are welcome at all Chapter meetings and are encouraged to participate.

• In order to encourage a warm, friendly association among members, the optimum size of the Chapter will be fifty-five (55). Keeping in mind that most years there are members leaving the Chapter and in order to maintain approximately fifty-five (55) members, periodically the membership will exceed fifty-five (55) members.

• Membership requirements and selection criteria are designed to result in a quality Chapter with a wide diversity of individuals who are all committed to active participation in YPO functions and to uphold the basic principles of the organization.