Member Benefits


Consistently ranked as the No. 1 service provided to members and spouses, Forum gives members the peer-to-peer feedback they so rarely obtain in life.

Unique to the YPO expereince, forums essentially serve as a member's personal board of advisors, tackling any topic together in a strictly confidential, totally trustworthy environment.

Whether dealing with a corporate merger, aging parents or even sudden success, Forum offers you a safe environment for discussing the issues important to you. Forum is the most personal form of peer networking in an organization whose greatest strength is its membership. A California Coast Chapter typical Forum is composed of eight to ten members who meet for about four hours, ten times per year. Most of the time, forum participation is by invitation only and the chapter's Forum Officer will assign new members to a specific forum. Certain fundamental criteria are taken into account, such as the absence of personal or professional conflicts of interest.

Many YPO-WPOers say that Forum has made them better in business and has also helped them to be better spouses or better parents.